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Our Promise

A message from the owners Gary & Tina Baker

With the economy the way it is today, The Freedom Hall & Gardens understands some Brides & Grooms may be a little scared to do business with certain companies. Some customers fear that in this economic downturn companies will start cutting corners on quality and services. Some businesses may be willing to negotiate lower prices or even say anything just to get a sale. These types of business tactics can be very risky for consumers. Later on down the road lowering prices could cause a company to become financially stricken or possibly not be able to back up all the promises that were made at the time of sale. Brides and Grooms today have to be very wise in order to navigate through all the details and costs involved in planning a wedding celebration.

Pricing for the Freedom Hall & Gardens has always been based on our business overhead and a formula to provide you with a very high quality wedding experience, along with complete customer satisfaction. During these recession times we offer you a very professional company and we continue to remain a great value as an “Alternative to High Cost Weddings” today.

The Freedom Hall & Gardens is very proud to be the Bay Area’s only Diamond Certified Banquet Facility for the past 9 years and “Our Promise” to you is that the Freedom Hall & Gardens will not be lowering our company’s standard for quality, honesty, and stability in the wedding industry. We plan to keep our promise to you to remain deserving of the “Prestigious Diamond Certified Rating”. We are a very strong wedding reception facility that coordinates over 160 weddings a year and we already have dozens of weddings reserved for 2012.

Brides and Grooms always have to decide for themselves, but during these recession times, it could never be more important to choose doing business with a Diamond Certified Rated Company for one of the most important days of a lifetime.

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